Homemade Donuts

I found this video on YouTube for donuts. I love Krispy Kreme donuts and I haven’t tried making donuts yet, so I decided to try this recipe. She didn’t include a write up of her recipe, so I will add that below, however, this is her recipe. This is not my recipe. Below I have attached her video.

My Experience

I didn’t add salt to my recipe, just because I usually never add salt to my recipes, so if that effects something, I’m sorry in advance. The dough was rather straight forward. I didn’t know at what point to stop kneading. I ran the dough in my mixer for 5-6 minutes, then I kneaded it for 10 minutes and saw no significant difference. If I didn’t have to knead if I used a mixer, that would make sense. The dough had risen for me after 1.5 hours. I then used a cookie cutter and the cap to my canola oil to make the donut’s shape. The thickness of your dough will determine how thick your final doughnuts will be. Thinner dough means smaller doughnuts, thicker dough means monster doughnuts. I also decided to make 2 fried dough squares with my extra dough. The oil temp matters some, but not too much. When I initially started my first 3 doughnuts, the oil was in the 370-380 F range. They fried very quickly, 30 seconds each side, and came out dark, but the flavor was just the same and they were completely cooked. I cooked the rest of the doughnuts in the 300-320 F range. They puff up a bit in the oil, but not too much. I also started by cutting squares in the wax paper, but I found it splashed a bit too much. If you pick them up toward the bottom with a very light touch, you can easily transfer them into the oil without any damage to your doughnuts. The nutmeg adds a slight hint of flavor to these doughnuts, but my biggest praise is the vanilla in the icing. It makes the icing so tasty! I also used 4 Tbsp of milk when I made it, and it left a decent layer of glaze, the perfect amount in my opinion. I enjoyed the extra glaze after I covered them all. The original creator was able to make 15 uniform doughnuts. My doughnuts were far from uniform, but I managed to make 18 doughnuts and 2 large dough squares.

  1. Mix 2 cups and 3 Tbsp of flour, 1/4 tsp nutmeg, 3 Tbsp sugar, 1/2 tsp salt. In another container combine 1/2 cup warm whole milk, 1 egg, 1/3 stick melted butter, and 1 packet of yeast.
  2. Add the wet ingredients to the dry. Mix with a mixer on high for 3 minutes, or by hand. Dough will be very sticky.
  3. Oil a clean work surface and your hands. Turn out dough and kneed for 10-15 minutes until it is smooth, soft, elastic, and sticky. Lightly grease a bowl. Transfer the dough into the bowl, cover with saran wrap or a damp towel, and let rise 1.5-2 hours till doubled in size.
  4. Flour your work space. Turn out dough. Punch down dough. Flour the top of the dough, and roll out to 1/2 inch thickness. Cut out your doughnuts, transfer to wax paper, and let rise for another 20-30 minutes. (You can re-roll the dough for more donuts)
  5. Heat your oil to 320-330 F. Once hot, cut wax paper into squares to easily transfer donuts to oil without deflating them or deforming them. Fry the donuts with a gently boil until golden on each side. Set on wire rack.
  6. Glaze: Melt 2/3 stick of butter, add 2 cups powdered sugar, 1 tsp vanilla extract, and 3-5 Tbsp milk depending on how thin you want it (more milk will make it thinner). Mix until smooth.
  7. Drop your donuts into the glaze. Flip then remove and place on a wire rack over a plate.

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