Review: On-Cor Veal Parmesan

Veal Parmesan is a classic Italian staple. Full of flavor, the juicy and savory meat is complimented further by the cheese and tomato sauce. This On-Cor frozen Veal Parmesan is just that, frozen. Your expectations would be too high if you expect a 5 star restaurant quality meal. Beyond that, I’ve been eating On-Cor’s Chicken Parmesan and Salisbury Steak since I was a child.

This Veal Parmesan doesn’t have any of the crispy texture you’d get at a restaurant. The patties are coated in sauce that removes any chance of texture. The veal is also a veal patty that is compacted meat, and the cheese is a small square that you can see under the top breading. Beyond that, this veal parm is good for a frozen meal. The sauce it thick and tastes like real tomato sauce, but there is only a small excess in sauce. The breading and veal have good flavor and texture, not bland, rubbery, or gelatinous. The cheese is stringy and isn’t over powdered. This meal is also cooked on a sheet pan in it’s container, so you don’t even have to wash the pan. I usually serve chicken/veal parm with buttered noodles, and serve the protein on top.

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