Chicken Fajitas

A history of my life and Fajitas:
I was in love with McDonald’s Chicken Fajitas when I was a young child. I loved the flavors, and remember being filled up on one most of the time, but occasionally being able to eat two; they were so good. I went without another fajita until I was in my mid-teens when I stopped at a rest stop and the Quizno’s had a chicken fajita sub with lime. I had to get it, and it was so good. It tasted just like my childhood. I wasn’t able to have another Fajita until my Senior year of college when my then fiance had an apartment with a kitchen. In that kitchen I cooked many dinners. I cooked Easter dinner, steaks, a giant pot of mac & cheese, fry bread, granola bars, lemon mousse, and so much more. I got to borrow his kitchen every Friday night. That day when we were roaming around Dollar General, I found all the ingredients I had needed to make them, Chicken Fajitas. I bought everything frozen back then and only got the chance to make them two to three times, but that is the bases of what I’ve made today.

Actual information and hints for when/if you make them:

Please use non-stick if you have it. Melted/burnt cheese is one of the worst things to have to clean off a pot. You can also use frozen veggies (that’s what I used), but you can also chop fresh. You can also buy frozen pre-sliced chicken and it is just as good, just a bit less juicy. I had used Tyson Fully Cooked Grilled Chicken Breast Strips when I used to make them. They are good because they have a bit of flavor to them already. I have also used prepackaged shredded cheese, usually a mild cheese mix, but today I decided to do it a bit different with other cheeses. You pick whatever flavors you like. If you want spice, pick a monetary jack or pepper jack cheese. Want a mild flavor, pick mozzarella and cheddar mix. Something bold, go with a Munster or a sharp cheese. Today I split it 1:2 mozzarella and extra sharp cheddar. I also prefer heating my tortillas in a pan. It’s one of my favorite ways to heat them, but feel free to heat them as directed on the packaging. My oil is also brown in the first photo because I had used some butter in the pan, and because I had just used the pan to finish making breakfast sandwiches for the week.

  1. Slice one chicken breast into 1/2 inch wide slices. Then, cut these strips into halves or thirds. If they chicken breast is really thick you will probably have to cut it in half that way too.
  2. Heat a skillet over medium heat. Half and slice 1 medium onion (1 cup). Half, clean, and slice 2 bell peppers (one green and red and about 2 cups).
  3. Once the skillet is heated, add your chicken and cook until browned. Add veggies, 3 Tbsp of oil, and 2 Tbsp of water if you are using all fresh ingredients. If using frozen do not add additional water. Continue to cook until all veggies are soft.
  4. Add 1/2 a cup of salsa, and 2-3 cups of cheese. Reduce heat to low and stir until combined and the sauce is thick. Turn to keep warm, or remain on very low heat.
  5. In a skillet, Heat one tortilla at a time over medium high heat. Heat one side for 1 minute until hot to the touch. Flip, fill 1/2 of the way with filling (add more cheese as desired), wrap, then transfer to serving plate. Wait 5 minutes before serving and have extra salsa available for serving.

Minute Steaks with Peppers and Onions

Hello again. Last night, I made minute steaks with peppers and onions. I used left over peppers and onions from the sausages that I made on Sunday, but you can of course, cut new or open a new bag of frozen.

For this recipe I used venison, but if you have beef or chicken minute steaks you can use them. You can also add some different flavors to the mix by adding some Worcestershire sauce, ginger, or pepper rub to your steaks.

My minute steaks were made by cutting steaks to be about 1/5 inch thick on my in-law’s slicer, but you can also cut them thinner/thicker as you desire.

  • Heat your frying pan over medium heat and add some oil. Once it is hot cook your minute steaks (about 2 cups, or 12 slices) until cooked, only about a minute each side.
  • Remove your steaks and add your chopped peppers (2 cups) and onion (1 cup). Add more oil if it’s dry.
  • Once veggies are cooked, add the steaks and juices, stir. Heat for only a minute, remove from heat and add to buns/bread, or serve over rice.

Sausage, Peppers and Onions

There are a lot of opinions when it comes to Sausage & Peppers sandwiches. The main controversy is if they should have marinara sauce or not. I have had both and though I don’t have a strong opinion and I will eat the sandwich either way, I like to make my sandwiches without marinara sauce. My main reasoning is that less ingredients is better. If I use a jar of marinara sauce, that means I will have one less meal of spaghetti or if I make meatballs, I may be lacking in sauce (because we all know meatballs taste so much better in sauce). I’m not going to write out a huge recipe on this since I don’t season it other than adding oil. I also just use mild Italian sausage, though if you like hot, that’s also popular. The only thing that’s kind of weird is that I like to cut my sausage in half lengthwise. I also try to remove the casing at this point because it can cook up kind of chewy. I cook the flat side down for a few minutes until it’s mostly cooked through, then I’ll flip them and place them along the outer edge of my pan to cook the whole curved surface. Once they are cooked, I’ll add either my fresh cut peppers & onions and a bit more oil, or just add a frozen bag of peppers & onions. Then, I serve each half on hotdog buns. I usually plan 2 sandwiches per person, and serve other dishes on the side like a veggie and a pasta.