Where Have I Been?

Hello, it’s been a while! What was meant to be a week break turned into two weeks, then a month, and so on. Thank you to the new subscribers as well as the old. Many of you have still been visiting and referencing my site, and I greatly appreciate it. To keep busy, I’ve been working on a cookbook that has made some serious progress, I’ve also been keeping up with my gardening, burying some drainage pipes in the yard, and I’ve also been learning to code and building a website for a family business. I’ve been alright, I was just feeling some burn out and needed a break.

Thank you for sticking with me! I don’t know quite when I’ll be back, but I will get back to posting, but in the mean time, I’ll still be around. Thank you again!


2 Year Pots and Pan Review: T-fal


I am not sponsored by any of of these products. All links provided are not affiliate links.

Two years ago I got married to my husband. We got married, bought a house, and moved in together. With that, we set up our wedding registry and got some of the most popular items on amazon. I asked and received the 18 piece T-fal set from Amazon. I also received a set of two Pyrex casserole dishes with lids, and Amazon’s 6 piece baking set. Of these items, I sadly only still have the Pyrex dishes. I knew at the time that I would be cooking at least a moderate amount, but I also assumed these items were of better quality. The reason I believed T-fal was a good set was because my parents still have their set from when they got married almost 40 years ago. The teflon has long worn from the bottoms of their pans, but they were good quality, were thick sided, and the handles weren’t even loose. I had things I liked about my set, but sadly there are also things that weren’t great about this set.


The Cons

After only my second use, the medium sauce pan began to peel it’s teflon. After a year, the dutch oven also began to peel it’s teflon from the bottom edge. These pans are also relatively thin sided, and will dent if they fall off the counter. Further, the paint on the outside also wears off the outside after some use, and some even scratched off just from my drying rack. I wash my dishes by hand, so that didn’t cause any extra stress to the teflon. Next, several pans had handles begin to loosen after a year, but we do have a star driver set and were able to tighten them back up. Also, after only a week of use, one of the spatulas melted at the flipping end. I was able to cut off the melted plastic with a knife, but these utensils aren’t heat resistant, so they need to be kept way from all heat sources.

I do admit fully that I am incredibly rough on all my kitchen tools. I cook in my kitchen daily and multiple times a day, so I’m sure this set could work if you only cook at home 4-5 nights a week, but it could never work for someone like me who is tough on their stuff, uses them multiple times a day, and needs them to be reliable. After 2 years, I am retiring my most damaged pieces and adding in a new set.

The Pros

This set is not all bad. These pots and pans will show use quickly, but there are pieces of this set I will not be getting rid of any time soon. My favorite part of this set is the frying pans. If nothing else, the set was worth just them. Go get a T-fal frying pan if you ever need a new one and you won’t be disappointed. These frying pans heat up fast and the nonstick keeps all types of food from sticking. Though the heating isn’t always even, especially on a wrong sized burner, these pans are great for eggs, burgers, and cheese sauces. I love these pans and though they don’t look brand new any more, they still work perfectly. The other two pans I’ll be keeping are the deep skillet and the square pan. I don’t use these pans often but I’ve found them to be useful for what I use them for. The deep skillet is great for deep frying. You can easily add 3-4 cups of oil and still have high enough sides to not get grease burns. I also like the square pan for smash burgers. The low sides also helps make flipping easier.


New Set

So to fill in the gaps left by the few failed pans, I decided a higher quality set was necessary. I spent a few days researching and decided to buy this set from Circulon. I just received this set last week and have only had the chance to use a few pieces, so I’ll have to keep going to give a review. But, my initial impression was very good. These pans are heavy and thick with a beautiful finish, but we’ll see how they hold up to my use!


Home Update


It’s been a while since I’ve updated on how the house is going. So far we haven’t been able to do any more new flooring. The holidays and winter in general has made it hard for us to continue that project. Our next flooring room will be to add the new flooring into the orange room’s closet, then we’ll be doing the hallway and hall closet as our second segment. We are still trying to make decisions on whether we can do the living room and dining room together or whether we have to add a threshold, or if it would be easier to add one. Our living room is about 14 ft by 16 ft, and our dining room is about 9 ft by 7 ft.

Otherwise, we have been working on projects. We’ve updated our kitchen light, dining room light, and hall light. We’ve also bought a new bathroom faucet and push drain. We were able to get these accomplished in a weekend and it was just a small project to keep us busy at home. We’ve been busy doing some work for family lately. Josh has been building a server for a business, and we’ve had a few smaller projects we’ve been dealing with. Josh also bought a 3D printer, the Ender 3 Pro, so we’ve been fiddling with that most recently.


Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all my readers! Thank you for subscribing to my blog and for your visits. Thanksgiving is a very special holiday to me. I began this blog a little over a year ago and Thanksgiving was the first big set of posts I was able to upload. Thank you for allowing me to do what I enjoy to do. I love cooking and I’m very glad to be able to cook for my family, and I’m glad I can share my recipes and experiences with each one of you. Let’s make this new year a better one, and I hope you get the opportunities and/or motivations to accomplish some of the things you’ve always desired too! Have a great day and happy thanksgiving!

My Updates and Questions

Hey. I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve done a more casual and less scripted post. I guess that leads me to the questions I have. What do you think of the new format of my recipe posts? This is the second time I’ve altered the format for how I write these recipes in the last year. I’ve been moving more in the direction of how others do their recipe formatting. List the ingredients, and list each step with photos of that step. I also added the option to download the recipe as a recipe card. Is that helpful? Should I instead be formatting them as a whole page instead of 4×6 note card sized?

Lately, I’ve been trying to update some of my older posts a bit. I have so many more tags then a used to, and so I’ve begun adding newer tags to older posts. I’ve also been considering revisiting my older posts to remake them. My old phone had terrible photo quality, so many of my old posts were edited to remove the shake or grainy texture of the photos. I would really like to re-do many of them, but it will take some major time. Also, if I hear you like the format of these new posts, I will reformat older posts to fit the new style.

My plans for the blog are still moving forward. This week I got a tripod, so I’ll be trying that out on some older recipes. I will be posting the link to the YouTube once it’s up and I’ll be announcing it on every platform. I’m also thinking about holding off on Instagram for now. I don’t really know what to post, and when I do it’s not great engagement, which is understandable since it’s a completely different kind of website/app.

Projects right now are relatively slow around the house. We are preparing for hunting season and winter. The garlic was planted 3 weeks ago, and one of my garlic cloves sprouted after just a week, so it’s one of the few green things left in the yard. My peach tree has lost all it’s leaves overnight and we’ve had only two frosts so far this fall. My marigolds are still blooming in my raised beds, and though I’d like 2-3 more raised beds for next year, our priorities are elsewhere, so it’ll wait till the spring. Since we finished the master bedroom, no more flooring has come up or gone down. We are planning a yard sale for next summer though. Josh and I both have things we don’t need or use, so we plan a yard sale and a couple family picnics next summer since most family members haven’t seen the house since we moved in 15 months ago.

This virus has been pretty hard for us. We think we may have had it in May, but it’s impossible for us to know with all the testing being so limited where we are. With the second flu season coming, we are exposed to more people who are sick and it seems impossible to know who has it, and if you can even get it twice. When we were sick in May, we were mostly asymptomatic. I had a fever and a cough, and Josh didn’t even have that. However, when my mom got sick she was sick. And, this weekend I lost a Great-Great Uncle to the virus. He did have many existing issues and he’s been holding on for a while, but he got sick from a home nurse and that was it.

What a crazy time we live in. I wonder who will be looking back at our writings someday and what will they say or feel about this. It’s crazy in the U.S. right now, but at the same time, everyone is still just trying to live. For some, life has gone completely back to normal, while others are in a completely new situation and just trying to get their bearings. For some, their business is booming and has never done better, and for others their dream has been crush with lock downs and regulations they just can’t meet. Jobs, families, businesses, so many things affected. It stinks that so much bad is happening to so many people right now. However, I am very thankful for what I have. Things haven’t been easy with friends and family getting sick, being trapped inside with limited interactions with the world, and watching helplessly as we can just wait. But, we are thankful for what we do have. We are thankful for the changing seasons, for the warm days and the rain, for the food in our stomachs, and for the coming opportunity to once again fellowship with others when we are allowed to. Look forward to the future. Make goals and dream. Don’t stay in the sorrow of right now and instead look forward to the spring. This is just another season in life.

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