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This is our first time creating a blog. My husband and I think this will be a good way to update friends and family, and to keep track of some of our projects and what we feel can be improved for the future. We plan to post our DIY projects, life updates, and interesting recipes we’ve tried/made!


My name is Megan and my husband’s name is Josh. Josh graduated college in December of 2018, we bought our first house the end of May 2019, got married the end of June, we then moved in together, I graduated college in August, and in October, we also adopted a cat, Newman, from a local shelter.

Josh is incredibly handy and helpful. He is driven to make projects the correct way and make things that last. Josh also likes to do things that help other people and make processes run as smoothly as possible. Josh likes technology, so it’s only fitting that he has a job in IT where he can help others with tech.

Me, I’m not sure how to describe myself. I finished school with a degree in Psychology. I like to help people and I also like to make others happy. I’m a good listener and I would like to make a difference one day. I also have a passion for cooking. I would like to one day own a business, maybe a bed and breakfast. I also like to garden, can food, have an interest in bee keeping, and have too many aloe plants.

Newman is a 4.5 year old cat, as of November 2019. Newman was originally adopted from the shelter with his sister, and was inevitable returned to the shelter 2 years later all by himself. Newman is heavily food oriented. He is talkative, and loves attention. Newman is just learning how to play from what we’ve heard, and sometimes acts playfully, which could seem like aggression, when meeting new people.

Our Home

Our home is a Lustron Home, also known as a Sears home. These houses were made in Columbus, OH between 1948-1950 when the company eventually went bankrupt. They made these houses out of steel panels that were then covered with enamel. All houses were made in the factory, then shipped to their destination where they were finally assembled according to one long manual. Lustron homes also have radiant heat, meaning our duct work is a closed system that heats our ceiling panels which then heat our house.
Our house has been updated with exterior siding and interior drywall, but the metal still exists under the surface!

For more information on Lustron check out: savingplaces.org
Or watch this video: Ohio Historical Society — Lustron Home

Let’s build something together.

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