They come in Threes

Hello everyone. Another update into our lives in a Lustron.

Starting the day before yesterday we noticed our lights dimming whenever the heat or well pump would kick on. However, yesterday night when our furnace’s fan would kick on, the whole house would dim down to nearly off. We started by warming up some Chicken Divan in our microwave while watching the power drop, and decided that we would call once we eat, because we knew it could be a long night. We called at eight o’clock last night, and the repair technician arrived at nine. It took him an hour and a half to fixed the problem and he was on his way.

What happened?
Well, As mentioned in the post “Starting Point”, we had taken down a large pine tree with our wedding money. That had been a long day because the company was supposed to arrive at noon, then one, then two, but they eventually got here at five after having to change a flat on their way over. When we got a quote from them, we had pointed out how close it was to the house and had mentioned that our electricity is run into the house near the tree. Can you see where this is going? About six thirty, they were cutting a branch and guiding it down when it pulled our 220 line out of our house, and our 120 was flickering. The electric company has been fantastic every time we work with them, and they sent out a man who came to disconnect us until the tree company could get a man in to fix the weather head. So, then he did that, he put in connectors on our lines from the road to make the hook up faster and to have a fast way to disconnect and reconnect in the future. It turns out our neutral connector had come loose, which was why all our power had been flickering.

Never a dull moment. Hopefully that is it for the excitement for a while, but we are very glad that is was an easy fix, and it didn’t cost us anything!

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and Josh and I have decided to do it as just ourselves this year as our first year married. It’s also beginning to look a lot like Christmas in all of the stores. How are you on your holiday shopping? We have most of ours done, but the idea of Christmas hit me before Halloween this year, so I started very early. Don’t let the holidays stress you out. Amazon can ship really fast, and making sure you stay on top of life’s expenses is more important.

Stay tuned for some recipes over the next couple days. I’ve been doing so many posts on life updates and projects that I should really start working on my strong suit.

Projects and Opossum?

This weekend was meant to be pretty relaxing for us. We had gone out on Friday to pick up a roasting pan from Target before thanksgiving, and then we went to the Salvation Army to try and find some new pants for the hubby and I since we have both out grown our clothes a bit. End Friday.

Saturday was an early morning since Newman has been waking us up at about 6 o’clock every morning. Saturday, he was gracious enough to let us sleep till 7, however, I almost never sleep through the night, so I always need a few extra hours and slept till 9. I made a few fried eggs, we spent some time playing some video games to relax, then Josh went outside to change the driver’s side door lock, since they tend to go bad, and it had. He then also tried to get the furnace in the garage working, but with no luck. We’ll have to look up the brand and hopefully that will help us. I managed to knock out all of the dishes, and I made some room in the fridge by taking out all of our expired food and putting it in our compost. (Of which, the compost bin was one of the two things we bought with our wedding money. The other being the removal of a 50 ft pine tree that was half dead and stood over our house.)

Sunday we were going to take it easy again. I hadn’t slept well the night before, and the weather was rainy then snowing. We spent some time watching YouTube together in the living room before playing some more video games. We ate lunch together and were going to go to the mall in the afternoon to look for some deals, but we never made it to the mall. Sunday about 4:30 I got a text from my mom to call her and I found out she had an opossum in her house. Josh and I had never removed a opossum before but they are pretty cute little fellas. We took over a Rubbermaid bin, and Josh wore coveralls and his welding gloves. It was hiding in a corner, so we just moved the things around him and Josh picked him up my his nape and put him in the bin and attached the lid. We released him into the woods and ate some dinner before heading home again for the night.

Though most of our time this weekend was spent recharging, the little adventure we did have will be a story we tell for quite some time. It was good that we were able to help my mom since she was pretty scared and doesn’t have many people to help her. It’s almost as if we knew something was coming, we were just waiting for the call this weekend. But, it always seems to just work out for us.

Reminder to take some time and recharge in whatever way works best for you. Burn out can reduce quality of life, so make sure you recharge when you start to feel low or empty.

What is the strangest critter you’ve had in your home? What do you do for self-care? Is it effective for what you need?

Coat Hooks + Christmas Cactus

Hello again!
The last few days have been busy. Just the other day, we had an offer on a set of coat hooks that Josh had made. This led to us mailing the items to them. Here is a few photos for the final product that Josh made.

The knobs came on the cabinets when we moved in. Since there were only about fifteen cabinet pulls that matched and the rest were just like these, eclectic, we replaced them and had no use for the old, so we decided to use them in a project.
The pieces of wood were nice pieces that were leftover from another project, and the mounting brackets were also handmade out of extra metal.
Josh cut the pieces, drilled the holes evenly spaced, rounded the edges and sanded the faces, stained the wood, waited for it to dry, then assembled. I gave them a final wipe down yesterday with a light scrub to remove any dirt, then mailed them to the buyer. The overall dimensions of one piece were 12.5″L X 2.5″H X 2″D.

Thanks for reading and I hope you’ve also gained some inspiration.

Tell me, would you be willing to buy something like this if it was sold on eBay or Etsy? Also, what is your favorite website to shop on and look at?


Also, here is a picture of my Christmas Cactus. We bought it last Thursday from Aldis and some of it’s buds are starting to open! Have a fun, safe weekend!

Starting Point

Hello everyone! I hope you are having a good day today.

To start this blog, I’ve decided to give you a little update into where we were, and where we hope to head in the future with this house.

So far, we’ve been working on the house since we bought it in June. We started with outdoor work. We’ve trimmed the magnolia in the front yard cutting it significantly back, removed cedars that were along the rear edge of the garage, removed two yews along the side of the garage, and done basic maintenance including washing the siding, and cleaning gutters and fixing the broken ones along the front of the house.

When we moved in there was quite a bit of neglect to the house. The back screen-door handle was broken, leaving only the push button to open the door. We found out after we moved in that the refrigerator leaked and the freezer formed excessive amounts of ice, the dryer hose was busted so the lint was being thrown everywhere behind the dryer and the pipe it vented to had completely rusted away leaving just ducting tape. The doorknobs didn’t work because the mechanisms inside were plastic and ruined with the bathroom being particularly bad. The drain for the kitchen sink was almost completely blocked, and though they vacuumed, the house needed some serious cleaning.

Thanks to my husband, all of these problems got solved over the first few months. Josh changed the handle on the screen-door, got a new dryer hose and the piping to replace the ducting tape. He tightened the bolts of the refrigerator and freezer and used petrolatum jelly to create a better seal on the doors. He changed out the doorknobs in the house with the old front and backdoor knobs. And the kitchen drain, after trying Liquid Plumber many times, we ended up buying a pipe bladder that created enough pressure to force the gunk out of there! We then scrubber the walls, windows, doors frames, and tiling with diluted distilled white vinegar, which worked well on grease, dirt, and significantly reduced the lingering smell of dog.

We also bought new hardware for the kitchen cabinets and replaced the old. We took out the old medicine cabinet in the bathroom and replaced it with a new light fixture and re-purposed the mirror from the front of the cabinet to be our new mirror temporarily. We also installed a new double towel rod in place of the old single towel rod. We bought curtains for all of the rooms, 84″ blackout curtains that reach the floor, and sheer curtains for underneath. We’ve installed a projector screen, because we decided to buy a cheap projector rather then a TV. And, we removed some of the carpet in the guest bedroom/cat room/home office/storage-room.

Our upcoming projects
Right now, we are working on removing wallpaper that goes from the dining room through the living room and into the hallway. We plan to remove the wallpaper sections at a time, plaster the areas that have previous damage, sand it all flat, then paint it with satin white latex paint since we received a free gallon from a local hardware store.
Also above the cabinets in the kitchen, you will see there is a hole. We discovered that a couple months ago. It is a spot where someone just wallpapered over the old vent hole, so we plan to cut a piece of wood that will fit, attach it in there and seal the hole, then paint it.

There are still many things we hope to do, from painting cabinets and walls, to removing carpeting and adding new flooring. Thanks for reading and I hope to see you soon!

Listing Photos – Before Work

Photos Now

First Post

This is not only my first blog post, but this is my first time doing this kind of thing. I was talking to my husband and we decided that it would be really fun to create a blog in order to share what we are up to with those who might be interested, but also to keep track of some of our projects and what we feel can be improved for the future. Learn a little bit more about us by reading our About page, or just continue reading to see some of our DIY projects, life updates, or interesting recipes I’ve tried/made! Thank you for your time!

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