New Light Fixtures

This weekend, Josh and I went to a new liquidation store a few towns over. While we were there, we were looking at their light section, and we had talked many times about how bad our lighting was and how our fixtures didn’t match what our styling was. On top of this, this store had a good selection, and we were able to get the ceiling light for $23 and we bought their last one, and the wall sconce was only $8.

After that, we finished our Christmas shopping, and crashed for the night. On Sunday, we had to run out to Home Depot to get the 13 watt bulbs needed for the kitchen, and boy was it worth it! Josh spent to rest of the afternoon putting up the lights. It was kind of weird since the ceiling light needed the ground attached to the bracket before it attaches, so I had to hold the light near the ceiling while Josh attached the bracket. Also, it was nice to find light boxes in the ceiling and wall, since we didn’t have one behind our medicine cabinet. The light box in the ceiling isn’t attached to the ceiling at all, but the wires attached through a smaller hole, so there is no risk of that falling. The original kitchen light also had insulation underneath the plate. Though that was the case, we installed the new light without insulation, with the thought that we can always add some later if we so desire or need.

The wall sconce however was a complete disaster trying to install. Originally, Josh thought that would be the easy one, and the ceiling light would be hard, but it was quite the opposite. First, we had to paint it, because it had an oiled brass finish, and we decided it would look better in nickle. But, the problems began shortly after. There was a light box behind the wall sconce, however it sticks out of the wall by about an eighth of an inch. So, the whole fixture is away from the wall a bit, but everything is weird about the design of the fixture. The bulb screws in toward the bottom left edge of the glass, and to not see the bulb, the bulb has to be twisted toward the right. So, the light is uneven, which can be seen a bit in the lit photo below. Also, nothing aligned with the new sconce. A bolt on the back hit the edge of the box making it stick out more, and the ground screw on the mounting bracket also prevented the light from laying flat. So, Josh had to switch brackets, and grind down the light box, making it so the light was nearly even with the wall.

Overall, things didn’t go as we had expected them to, however, they both turned out well nevertheless. The lights take a second to turn on in the kitchen and though we will probably change the wall sconce again in the future, it turned out well in the end. What do you think of the new fixtures? I’m excited to make a new recipe in the kitchen to show off my new lighting soon!

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This Weekend: Shower Disaster and, Filling our Freezer

Shower Problems

One thing that happened this weekend was our shower stopped working. When we first moved in, the shower was already not working correctly. The hot water knob would slip and make it very difficult to turn on and off the water, as well as hard to close it enough to prevent a leak. In September or October, Josh pulled apart the hot water knob, and was able to tighten a clamp on the cartridge. But, Sunday morning when I was about to shower, the clamp finally gave again, so Josh pulled apart the mechanism and broke the old clamp, but it needed to be actually fixed this time anyway.
We turned off the water, took out the cartridge, and took it to ACE hardware to find replacement cartridges. We found two, so we could also replace the cold water too, and we also bought new handles that attach directly to the splines on the cartridge. We returned home late, but we still fixed it and with that we finally have water again. What do you think of the new knobs? Have you ever had problems with your shower handles?

Packing our Freezer (Venison)

We are not vegan or vegetarians, but my husband and I are fervently against animal cruelty. We also understand that our meals come from animals. We understand that some are against hunting, however hundreds of deer die every winter from starvation and car accidents in our area, and if hunting will prevent animal suffering and if hunting can provide food for someone, we feel hunting is worth it. We don’t enjoy the action of hunting, but our ecosystem is cruel. We also use as much of the meat as possible, and find that the meat is often healthier than normal grass/corn fed beef, and has a fat content of less than most beefs. Deer usually has a fat content of less that 5%.
With that understood, Josh went hunting this weekend and managed to get a button buck. I had gone hunting with him earlier this year, but this weekend we were fortunate enough to get a small buck. We then took Sunday to process the deer and get it cut and packaged for meals. We are grateful that now we will have 36 meals covered as a result, and it is a blessing that we won’t have to spend as much on groceries in these winter months as a result.
What does this mean? It means I’m going to be making a lot of recipes in the next few months using a mixture of my normal beef, pork, chicken, but now also venison. This will be my first year cooking venison, so bear with me as I try new recipes and give you alternates to Venison if you want to try the same recipe. As you can see my freezer is now mostly meat and frozen meals, so please consider subscribing or following if you want to keep up with everything to come!

Projects and Opossum?

This weekend was meant to be pretty relaxing for us. We had gone out on Friday to pick up a roasting pan from Target before thanksgiving, and then we went to the Salvation Army to try and find some new pants for the hubby and I since we have both out grown our clothes a bit. End Friday.

Saturday was an early morning since Newman has been waking us up at about 6 o’clock every morning. Saturday, he was gracious enough to let us sleep till 7, however, I almost never sleep through the night, so I always need a few extra hours and slept till 9. I made a few fried eggs, we spent some time playing some video games to relax, then Josh went outside to change the driver’s side door lock, since they tend to go bad, and it had. He then also tried to get the furnace in the garage working, but with no luck. We’ll have to look up the brand and hopefully that will help us. I managed to knock out all of the dishes, and I made some room in the fridge by taking out all of our expired food and putting it in our compost. (Of which, the compost bin was one of the two things we bought with our wedding money. The other being the removal of a 50 ft pine tree that was half dead and stood over our house.)

Sunday we were going to take it easy again. I hadn’t slept well the night before, and the weather was rainy then snowing. We spent some time watching YouTube together in the living room before playing some more video games. We ate lunch together and were going to go to the mall in the afternoon to look for some deals, but we never made it to the mall. Sunday about 4:30 I got a text from my mom to call her and I found out she had an opossum in her house. Josh and I had never removed a opossum before but they are pretty cute little fellas. We took over a Rubbermaid bin, and Josh wore coveralls and his welding gloves. It was hiding in a corner, so we just moved the things around him and Josh picked him up my his nape and put him in the bin and attached the lid. We released him into the woods and ate some dinner before heading home again for the night.

Though most of our time this weekend was spent recharging, the little adventure we did have will be a story we tell for quite some time. It was good that we were able to help my mom since she was pretty scared and doesn’t have many people to help her. It’s almost as if we knew something was coming, we were just waiting for the call this weekend. But, it always seems to just work out for us.

Reminder to take some time and recharge in whatever way works best for you. Burn out can reduce quality of life, so make sure you recharge when you start to feel low or empty.

What is the strangest critter you’ve had in your home? What do you do for self-care? Is it effective for what you need?