Boiled Pickled Beets

Beets are a great vegetable. They are full of vitamins and are very healthy. they also have a very unique flavor. I usually roast beets in the oven coated in honey, but I wanted to make a quick meal when I decided to boil them. Boiling these beets enhanced the pickled flavor and gave them a different flavor from baking. Baking beets will mellow the flavor, but these beets were very full of flavor. I decided to strain them and place them on our plated before adding honey. We added about 2 tsp to 1 Tbsp of honey for our 3-4 beets, and coated them before eating.

  1. Open a jar of pickled beets and add to a small saucepan. Place over medium low heat, and boil for 5-10 minutes until hot.
  2. Strain using a slotted spoon and place on plate before topping with 2 tsp of honey, or place in a bowl and add 3-5 Tbsp honey toss and serve.

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